Top Destinations in United Kingdom

Not all areas of the United Kingdom have the same climate, although most of the country has a climate that is considered temperate. In London, which is located in the southeastern part of the country, the summers are warm and dry while the winters are cold and dry. In Cumbria, a mountainous region in the northwestern portion of the country, the temperatures are cooler all year and there is more rainfall.

The southwestern portion of the United Kingdom experiences mild and wet winters with warm, wet summers while the northeastern areas have cold winters, cool summers and steady rain throughout the year.

There are many options for transportation in the United Kingdom. The British transportation network is one of the most advanced and largest in the world. Traffic in larger cities can be overwhelming, but most people in the country choose automobiles as their method of travel.

The United Kingdom has a very large train network that is often less expensive and faster than traveling by automobile. The train network in the country is one of the oldest in the world. A train ride between Edinburgh and London is around two hours. Cities like London, Glasgow, Tyne, Wear and Liverpool have underground train systems in place while the British underground railway system connects the United Kingdom with the European mainland, traveling through the Channel Tunnel.

Larger cities also offer public buses, taxies and rideshare options that will allow you to get around the city without driving.

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