Top Destinations in Chile

Chile is located in the southern hemisphere which means the weather is warm, although the climate differs depending on which part of the country you are in. The northern portion of Chile is extremely dry and temperatures can fluctuate significantly throughout the day. The central portion of the country has long, hot summers and cool, wet winters while the southern part of Chile is rainier than other portions. It can also get very cold in southern Chile and some areas are very windy.

Coastal areas of the country is cooler than areas inland due to the cold Humboldt current. The ocean water is too cold for swimming except in northern Chile.

The best time to visit is September through November or March through May as the weather is the best throughout the country during those periods.

Buses are the most popular option for getting around in Chile as they travel fixed routes and are inexpensive. There are also long-distance bus routes connecting almost every major city in Chile. They also travel into other South American countries with trips that can last over 24 hours. For those trips, you will want to choose buses with reclining seats or sleeper compartments.

There are trains connecting some major cities, but because the terrain is mountainous in Chile, they often take longer than buses. There are flights between large cities as well and domestic air flights are often inexpensive.

You can find taxis in Chile, but they can be expensive. You can get around using a colectivo which are taxis on a fixed route. Although they cost less than a traditional taxi, you may be squeezed into a vehicle with several other people.

There is a metro system in Santiago, Chile’s largest city. It provides transportation around the city itself but is slightly more expensive than the bus system.

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