Top Destinations in Australia

Australia is a very large country which means it has several different climate zones. The northern area of the country is tropical with hot and humid summers, but dry warm winters. The southern area of Australia has cooler summers and cool, rainy winters.

The hottest months in Australia are December and January which are their summer months while July and August are coolest.

The climate in the Tasmanian mountains and Australian Alps have very harsh winters and peaks are covered with snow all year. In the Australian Outback, the weather is extremely hot, and rain may not fall for years. Coastal areas of Australia may see as much as 100 inches of rain each year and are also subject to coastal cyclones.

The best months to visit Australia are September through November and March through May as this is when the weather is most temperate throughout the country.

Although automobile travel is the most common form of transportation in Australia, it is important to note that you will need a valid international driving permit in order to operate an automobile while visiting.

Many Australians find bicycling a better way to get around, especially in large cities. Helmets for all ages are required and you must have lights on both the front and the back of the bicycle.

Buses are also common methods of transportation, and you can access the bus using a reusable smart card system. In some areas, you can purchase bus tickets from the driver as you board. Subways and rail systems are plentiful in Australia, one of the easiest and most convenient methods to get around the country.

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